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Cheyenne County Development Corporation

Cheyenne County Development Corporation is participating in the 2022 Kansas Economic Outlook Survey.

Please help by providing your outlook on your business, region, and  economy.

For questions about this survey contact the Baker Strategy Group:
Employment Status
Number of Employees
Annual Revenue
Your roles: (Check all that apply)
Your functional areas: (Check all that apply)
2. Rate your company/organization outlook for the following time frames.
(10 = excellent, 1 = poor)
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Next 6 months
Next 12 months
Next 3 years
What impact has the Coronavirus pandemic had on your company/organization 2021 performance?
What impact does the Coronavirus pandemic have on your company/organization 2022 outlook?
What does your organization expect for 2022? (Check all that apply)
3. How likely are you to recommend the following as a great place to grow a business?
(10 = extremely likely, 1 = not at all likely)
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Your local community
Your economic region
Your state/province
4. How much do you agree with the following?

My company/organization . . .
(10 = strongly agree, 1 = strongly disagree)
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Has a highly engaged workforce
Has efficient systems and processes for getting work done
Has a clear direction for the future
Adapts well to changes in the marketplace
Overall has the right culture to execute strategy
5. My local community has excellent . . .
(10 = strongly agree, 1 = strongly disagree)
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Hospitals and healthcare
Public safety
Infrastructure (roads, internet, cell coverage, etc.)
Public transportation
Cultural and religious institutions
Talent pool/labor pool
K-12 schools
Resources and support for entrepreneurs
6. My economic region . . .
(10 = strongly agree, 1 = strongly disagree)
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Has an educational system that is second to none
Has a large pool of skilled, educated talent available for hire
Has an unparalleled quality of life
Has a forward-looking culture that embraces entrepreneurialism
7. My state/province overall . . .
(10 = strongly agree, 1 = strongly disagree)
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Is on the right track
Is business-friendly
Is a great state for raising a family
Is a great state for young professionals
Is a great place to start or grow a business
Has a strong, vibrant economy
9. Select any follow-up you would like to have: (Check all that apply)
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